Customer is considered to be one of the most important asset for any business, continued customer acquisition ensures business continuity, and it’s easier to keep existing customers as compared to acquiring new ones, our “Customer Care & User Experience” training helps businesses/ organizations turn their existing customers into good will brand ambassadors and sales agents.

The training is designed to help design processes and interventions to serve their customers well and on-time.

Training Code: 04.BC – 01. Customer Care

Dates: September 26/27/28

Time: 2 – 5 pm

Fee: 4500/Afghani

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn important concepts of customer care
  • Understand Customer Value Chain (CVC)
  • Learn how to improve your customer/ user experience

Course Content:

  • Identifying Customers/Users
  • Who are your key customers/ What do they want?
  • Customer Value Chain (CVC)
  • Empowered Customer
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Understanding Customer/ User Experience
  • The Five Customer Leadership Competencies
  • (All our training are participants focused and involves considerable practical work

Who should attend:

The training is designed for everyone in a business/organization, everyone should know how to deal with a customer.

For Registration: 

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