Executive Summary

BARYA is an Afghan Leadership and Strategic management consulting firm established in 2012, our core areas of services are leadership and strategic management, Change and Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Resources Management, and Capacity Building.

We are the first PMI-R.E.P in Afghanistan Since 2015, meaning all our PMP exam preparation material are quality reviewed by PMI, all our trainers have the highest level of industry education e.g. Masters or Ph.D. and when required have internationally acclaimed certifications e.g. PMP, HRMP, and others.
In our PMP and other training, we partner with globally reputed organizations to add further value to the provided services. We are privileged to have worked with the UN and other international agencies, telecom service providers, educational institutes, public and private organizations.

Project Leadership And Management

Our PMP® Preparation course is the best combination of in-off class combination, where we combine physical class training with the best online material

Human Resources Management

Forecasting your human resource needs, identifying the most suitable candidates, and clarifying your expectations are among the keys to successful management

Change Management

Change is a constant part of our lives, we go through a lot of changes, and organization as the living organisms will have to adapt to stay competitive.

Monitoring & Evaluation

At the end of the training workshop, it is anticipated that participants would have acquired a good understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) concepts, tools, and strategies

Business Communication

Business Communication is an integral part of today’s business and good communication is considered to be one of the most sought after skills in an employee