Strategic management involves on identifying long term path for organization’s growth and success. Many researches have indicated that those organizations’ who have a vision and long term strategy have a better chance of success and achieving their vision as compared to those who have not identified it.

Our strategic management services focuses on helping organizations’ discover their core values, develop a vision in light of these values and set a course to achieve their vision and attain a successful and sustainable position in the market.

We also help our clients in organizational transformation and adapt to the changing market needs and technologies.

Our strategic management services mainly focus on:

  1. Identifying core values, developing a vision and structure
  2. Developing long term strategies/ policies
  3. Organizational Transformation and Development

1. Identifying core values, developing a vision and structure

Organizations starts with a vision of the founder(s) to make a difference, this vision provide an overall guidance for the organization on how to conduct business, in the initial stages of the growth this vision and other unwritten values serve the purpose, but as the organization grows, more people come on board, more services are offered and variety of customers are served, there is a greater need for organizations to structure, write and communicate these values.

We work with both small and large organizations to identify their core values, mainly focusing on answering the question of “why we exist”, draw upon these values, develop a long term vision or if the vision already exists, break it down to measurable goals and develop strategies to communicate to the vision to all relevant stakeholders.

We also help with devising the right organizational structure, which is nimble, adaptive and comprehensive; usually as organizations grows, it loses the startup spirit and either becomes too bureaucratic or loses control over assets and decision making; we help our client design organization structure which is easy to expand, helps with quick decision making, right control mechanisms are in place and doesn’t create a lot of bureaucracies.

Today’s knowledge worker feels more motivated to work with organizations where they think they are making a difference both individually and collectively as an organized entity, we help organizations in highlighting key values and helping them to communicate values both employees and other partners.

2. Developing long term strategies/ policies

In today’s competitive markets, only those survive who knows where they are going and what will success mean to them.

We help organizations devise long term strategies where we identify key strengths than can be converted into competitive value; identify weaknesses and address them; help in market assessments and develop systems to help with utilize available opportunities or create one.

These long term strategies could take internal and external dimension; we help with developing right Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); Develop business development plans and strategies; Develop operational documents for HR, Finance, Procurement or other support function; or could take external dimension and help organizations conduct market assessments; devise long term growth strategies or identify areas of growth and diversification.

Our services cover both not for profit and for profit organizations, we have helped non-profit NGOs and for profit private firms with their strategic and operational directions.

3. Organizational Transformation and Development

We help organizations stay competitive through continuous improvement and transformations, organizations tend to pay more attention to business generating areas and sometimes other areas lack behind, which may result into organizations losing their competitive edge and market lead.

Our organization transformation and development services help organizations grow in-light of their vision, we help them understand required skills set of the future, help them with organizational design and address competencies deficiencies of today or of the future.

We also help organizations design or launch variety of services or products that can help them achieve their strategy and leadership positions.