Project Requirements Collection and Scope Definition


“When counting the number of causes of project failure, you need more than one hand. But the leading culprits will always include scope creep, poor communication, lack of stakeholder involvement and inadequate support from the executive sponsor. and all of these problems share something in common: they involve or impact requirements — the process of identifying, defining, documenting and managing the solution a successful project must deliver.” PMI’s Pulse of the Profession: Requirements Management — A Core Competency for Project and Program Success August 2014 Requirements gathering is a complex and difficult task, where it requires skilled personnel to ask the right questions and collect what is required, processes where it provides ample time
and techniques that makes it compulsory part of every project and an organizational culture where everyone from senior executives to the project staff everyone encourages and understands the importance of requirements gathering.

Our training is focus on filling this void of poor project requirements gathering skills and
practices, this is a hands-on practical training where participants will learn how to collect their
project requirements and define the project scope in light of overall project charter.

Who Should Apply? 

Project Managers, System Analysts, Project practitioners, anyone who undertakes a project or are involved in projects, this course addresses both IT and non-IT projects.

Course Outline:


Introduction to Projects and Organizations

– Project Charter and Statement of Work
– What is requirement and types?
– Who is responsible to collect requirements?

Needs Assessment

– Planning Requirements Gathering
– Identifying Stakeholders
– Investigate the Problem or Opportunity
– Gathering relevant data for evaluation of the situation
– Assessing current state of Organization

Stakeholder Analysis

– Techniques for Identifying Stakeholders
– Determining Stakeholders characteristics
– Grouping Stakeholders


– Defining Requirements Prioritization Process          – Defining Trace ability Approach
– Defining Communication Approach                           – Defining Decision Making Process
– Defining Requirements Verification and Validation Process
– Defining Requirements Change Process                   – Defining Solution Evaluation Process

Requirements Gathering

– Planning Requirements Gathering                              – How find right information
– Types and asking “Right” Questions                            – Requirements Gathering Techniques
– Requirements Gathering Issues and Challenges
– Best Practices for Requirements Gathering

Project Scope definition

– Defining Project Scope                                                    – Creating Project Scope Statement

Creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

– Creating Control Accounts                                              – Creating Work Packages
– Assigning Resources to Work Package

Teaching Methodology:

The training will be instructor led, and will involve spending 60% of the total duration of the training on group/practical work. The teaching methodology will be a mix of Group Work, Role Play, Case Studies and Presentations 

Training Continuity:

This course is part of our Complex Project Management training series, after attending four courses of this series the participant can sit in our PMP Exam Preparation course with 50% fee discount.

How to get registered? 

Please write to us at or download the registration form from or visit our office during working hours.