Organization Project Maturity Assessment

Organizational maturity for complex projects is huge challenge in today’s business environment, every project have unique characteristics but mature organizations have foundations which can assist and provide ground rules for all kinds of projects undertaken by the organizations.

Corporate PMP Training/Consultation

We provide individual and corporate trainings and consultations for PMP exam preparations, these trainings/ consultations include one to one sessions, recommendations on study material, assistance with application and registration procedures, lectures/instructions, and other coaching/ mentoring practices.

Project Design, Planning, and Requirement Gathering

Poor Project requirements collection is one of the top three reasons for project failures, this poor practice results in poor planning and project design, which ultimately contributes significantly to the project failures and not meeting end results.

Program/Proj. Manag. Standard Operating Proc. (S.O.P)

Organizations executes variety of projects, these projects require extensive procedural and policy guidance, which is a time consuming task for every project, the standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals can immensely assist with this issue.

Project Quality and Management Compliance

Quality is all encompassing practice, it starts from project conception till the handover of final project result to the client, meanwhile the performing organization should also believe and adhere to the quality practices so it can result into quality work and positively impact all it’s operations.

Org. Risk Manag. & Assessment/Org. Risk manag. fr.

We operate in uncertain business environment, project uncertainty and risk is one of the most certain aspect of project management; comprehensive and well project risk management can save considerable amount of resources and time for the project management organization.

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