Project Lifecycle Management


Project Lifecycle Management is a 15 hours training program for beginners in Project Management. It introduces the participants to the five process groups so that the participants get an idea of what project management is. This course prepare them for advance level project management classes.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management

– What is a Project?                      – Project Management               – Project Constraints
– The Project Life Cycle                – Project Identification

Module 2: The Project Initiation Stage

• The Project Initiation Stage
• Project Management Roles
• Determining Project Goals
• Determining Project Specifications
• Determine Project Deliverables
• Determine Project Constraints
• Determine Project Assumption
• Completing the Project Definition Document

Module 3: The Project Planning Stage

• The Planning Stage
• Determine the Scope of Work
• The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
• Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, WBS
• Determine Deliverable-Specific Task List
• Planning the Time Element
• The Project Schedule
• Project Schedule Charts
• Assigning Resources and Responsibility

• Planning the Cost Element
• Resource Identification
• Cost Estimation Methods
• Administrative Costs
• Buffer Costs
• Procurement Plan
• Human Resource Management Plan
• Project Cost Constraints and Assumptions
• Planning the Quality Element
• Decision Making and Risk Taking Skills

Module 4: Implementing the Project Plan

• Implementing the Project Plan
• Implementing the Procurement Plan
• Quality Control and Assurance Measures
• Business Communication Model
• Change Management
• Budgetary Control Measures
• Implementation Stage: Project Management Areas

Module 5: The Closing Stage

• Acceptance of Deliverables
• Releasing Resources
• Acceptance of Contracts
• Disassembling Project Team Members
• Project Documentation

Who Should Apply? 

The PMP® recognizes demonstrated competence in leading and directing project teams. If you’re an experienced project manager looking to solidify your skills, stand out to employers and maximize your earning potential, the PMP® credential is the right choice for you. 

How to get registered? 

Please write to us at or download the registration form from or visit our office during working hours.