Training and Human Capacity Development

Today we live in the Information age, almost every kind of information is available through a variety of resources, the best organizations understand the importance of this information and equip their personnel with the skills to find the right information and convert it to useful knowledge for themselves and clientele.

Today’s employees are knowledge workers, they are highly educated and bring new ideas and innovations to organizations, if these ideas are better utilized they can help in organizational as well as individual growth.

In our knowledge management services, we work with our clients to understand the importance of knowledge management practices, identify key knowledge areas for their operations, integrate knowledge generation skills into employee performance evaluation, value knowledge generation and transfer, and decrease the adverse effects of departing knowledge employee.

In today’s competitive environment organizations will be constantly valued and analyzed for their knowledge generation and innovation skills. As organizations spend a considerable amount of money and other resources on employee

1 PMP Training / Consultation

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized certification issued by Project Management Institute (PMI). This certificate is considered to be one of the most respected and sought-after credentials for any project manager.

We provide individual and corporate training and consultations for PMP exam preparations, these training/ consultations include one-to-one sessions, recommendations on study material, assistance with application and registration procedures, lectures/instructions, and another coaching/ mentoring practices.

We have trained/ coached hundreds of participants who will soon appear in the real PMP exam.

2 Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)

The CCMP™ is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP™ was developed based on ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management© (“the Standard”) that defines best practices in change management. The CCMP™ is a way for professionals to demonstrate their investment in ongoing development while successfully applying their experience to respond to a breadth of change management situations.

Benefits of Becoming Certified

For Me

  • Your knowledge and experience impartially validated
  • Evidences your familiarity with the Standard for Change Management©
  • Enhances career prospects and gives you an edge in competitive situations
  • Grants credential developed against ISO and ANSI standards
  • Demonstrates your commitment to personal career growth and professional development in the domain
  • For My Organization
  • Provides your organization with a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining change management specialists
  • Boosts internal and market-facing credibility
  • Provides professional recognition for your change management team
  • Contributes to their development path for change management professionals
  • Enables your practitioners to adopt and use the Standard©
  • Contributes to the effectiveness and consistency of your organizations change practices

Education & Experience

> A 4-year degree (or international equivalent) and 3 years (4200 hours) of change management experience


> Secondary education (high school or international equivalent) and 5 years (7000 hours) of change management experience


> Completion of 21 hours of instructor-led change management training in the past seven years. Our CCMP exam preparation training helps you fulfill this requirement.

3 Capacity Building Programs

The business world is changing with the advancements in technology, ever-changing government regulations, and the introduction of new ways of doing business. Investment in improving the skills and knowledge of your employees will always have very favorable returns. You may have the best available talent in the country working for you, but if you do not give them an opportunity to acquire new skills and gain further knowledge you soon end up with a workforce that is inefficient and out of touch with the new trends and technology.

The largest group of Afghanistan’s workforce consists of young graduates. This generation is more concerned with growth opportunities than anything else. Turning a blind eye to capacity-building programs will negatively affect retention rates.

Invest in meaningful capacity-building programs with BARYA Consulting Services. We provide very effective customized capacity-building programs. We engage the best and most experienced, in the industry, as resource persons.

For a detailed list of our training please refer to our training catalog.