We are an Afghan management consulting firm specializing in Human Resources Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, Management Training, Project and Program Management, Change Management and Knowledge Management.Our clients include but not limited to Public and Private Organizations, National and International NGOs, Political Missions, UN agencies and Non for profit organizations.
We have been in service since 2012 and delivered numerous projects including development of Standard Operating Procedures for HR, M&E, Programs and Operations Management, Conducted impact assessment surveys in South and central regions of the country, delivered on site PMP and management training, also developed HR policies and Management Information Systems for our clients.

Project Leadership & Management

In Project Management we have partnered with our clients to develop relevant policies, deliver training, advise on how to align their projects with organizational...

Human Resources Management

We live in knowledge era and managing human resources has become one of the most important aspects of today’s businesses. Machines or finances...

Monitoring & Evaluation, Research & Survey

M&E is a key component of any project, particularly in development management context, the identification of core issues beforehand...

Strategic Management

In strategic management component we have partnered with our clients in strategic alignment of the organizations, policies and standard operating prodcedures (S.O.Ps) development.

Change Management

Change is necessary for survival and growth of organizations. Though many organizations understand the importance of change, but researches shows high failure rate of change initiative.

Organizational Developement

Organizational Development (OD) helps organization to respond systematically to markets and emerging technologies. In our OD services we work with organizations to...

Management Information Systems Developments

Today’s businesses generate enormous amount of data, and good data management practices can add considerable value to existence and success of a business. Our Management Information Systems (MIS) solutions

Capcity Building Program

Our capacity building services helps both organizations and individuals to develop skills, abilities, knowledge and behavior to stay competitive in this ever changing world. Our capacity building programs are designed in light of best industry practice

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Office #06, Fourth Floor, Section A, Rahmat Tower, 3rd Ansari Road, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan