It is certain that an organization without a proper performance management system will not go a long way and cannot be called a sustainable organization. Performance management encompasses every aspect of an employee’s job. Everything that is mentioned in the job description has to be linked to the overall goal of the project/organization and explained properly to the employee; only then the employees will understand the meaning of the work they do, the value of the set standards, and the importance of meeting deadlines.

Performance management is strongly linked to reward system of the company. We should treat everyone equally but rewards should be based on the results produced. A reward system that doesn’t differentiate will degrade the performance of superstars in your company.

Traditionally in some organizations, performance plans have been developed by copying the activities described in an employee’s job description onto the appraisal form. This is NOT what we will do. Even though a performance plan must reflect the type of work described in the employee’s job description, the performance plan does not have to mirror it.

We will develop a performance plan that establishes elements and standards, & address accomplishments that will lead to organizational goals attainment. It is a comprehensive exercise and done in phases by following certain steps in a proper order.