BARYA is established by Afghan professionals who teamed for a common purpose – to better utilize the energy, years of experience, and available opportunities in the market in establishing a sustainable organization that will contribute in bringing globally accepted best practices of leadership, strategy and management consulting and other subject matter expertise to the country, customized to national and individual requirements. 

The core team comprises of professionals of different fields and brings over 5 decades of diverse accumulative experience to the organization. Every one has served individually for more than a decade on decision-making positions both in public and private sectors. The experience of working in Afghanistan in the last 20 years has been very enriching. We experienced the establishment of public and private institutions from scratch. We had the opportunity to work for some of the best organizations in world and among their best minds. 

We envision a thriving private sector in Afghanistan that would increase the use of local human resources and provide opportunity to talented Afghans to share their knowledge and expertise to achieve their business objectives.

We strive to introduce new way of doing business, help organizations, both for-profit & not-for-profit, to unleash their true potential by reaping the benefits of collaboration and creating synergies. Introduction of international leadership and management practices, accounting standards, and integrating technology to the business process will be the keys to success in the future.

We live in the world of specialization, and lack of specialized human resource in Afghanistan is hampering the progress of both public and private sectors. To compensate, we must rely on collaborative approach. We believe in improving the quality of products and services through partnerships and collaborations rather than competition. We believe in sharing experiences and using others’ expertise to rectify for our weakness and improve the quality of the services.

None of this could be achieve and our success will be very short termed if we don’t ingrain ethics in our dealings. We believe in ethical business and we have pledged to be an organization that has a passion for excellence in every activity we conduct. 

Qudratullah Hiwadpal

Qudratullah Hiwadpal

CEO/ President

Mr. Hiwadpal, has 21 years of professional experience with public and private sectors of the country, he has master’s level education and PMP certified.He is experienced in Project/ Program Management, ICT, Change Management, eGov, Knowledge Management and Management Trainings for senior level officials.
Mr. Hiwadpal is an avid writer, maintains a personal blog and wrote five books on Technology and Management. Previously, he was our lead for Project/Program, Change and Knowledge Management services.