HR Policies & Procedures Development

Ignoring the need for proper HR Policies & Procedures can prove disastrous for a business. Everything that is required for the spirit of the business and keeping the morale of the employee has a strong link to HR Policies & Procedures.

Human Resources Management Information System

The larger the number of employees in an organization the greater is the need for the HR Management information System. The HRMIS is a tool that helps the organization manage & organize its Human Resources department and provides tools to make all sorts of statistical analysis and decision-making easy.

Recruitment Services

BARYA Recruitment Services is here at your service to help you identify some of the best talent available in the country. BARYA Recruitment Services is a complete recruitment solution. We have an ever increasing pool of job seekers in every sector. We are continuously & rigorously screening and training the best among them for your needs.

Capacity Building Services

Business world is changing with the advancements in technology, ever changing government regulations, and introduction of new ways of doing business. Investment in improving skills and knowledge of your employees will always have very favorable returns.

Performance Management Process Implementation

It is certain that an organization without a proper performance management system will not go a long way and cannot be called a sustainable organization. Performance management encompasses every aspect of an employee’s job.

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